General Terms & Conditions of the Shakti Dance® Teacher Level 1 Training Program

Requisites to be Satisfied for Qualification & Certification as a Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher:

  1. Attendance of 180 classroom hours
  2. 40 hours of self-study* and written summaries
  3. Full payment of the Training Program fees
  4. Practice teaching a Shakti Dance class with peer review from the trainer and fellow students
  5. Participation in at least 10 mornings of sadhana (early morning practice), during the training program
  6. In addition to the training program, attend 30 hours (1hr = 60mins) of Shakti Dance regular classes or workshops (practical not theory), with any previously Certified Shakti Dance teacher (prior to your training group). The time period given for this completion ranges from: 3 months before training begin, until 6 months after end of training. Online classes and workshops will be recognized only if taken through Shakti Dance Academy and with valid certificate.
  7. Completion of any extra Self-Study Assignments in order to recuperate missed classroom hours**
  8. Completion of any Follow Up Tasks after the Practical Exam
  9. Pass the Shakti Dance® Level 1 Practical and Written Exams***
  10. Complete all the training requirements no later than six months after the end of the Training Program. An extension may be granted by official request to the program organizer and Shakti Dance Academy.
  11. Final decision for qualification lies with the Lead Trainer and the Shakti Dance® founder Sara Avtar Olivier

*The 40 Hours of Self-Study include:

  1. Personal practice of specified yoga-asanas and Shakti Flowing-Asanas
  2. Personal practice of specified meditations and/or Celestial Communications,
  3. Keeping a diary of experience during the practice of specified meditations and/or Celestial Communications
  4. Personal practice of specified Standing Sequences and/or Mantric Choreographies
  5. Reading of course manual or hand-outs during the Program
  6. Background reading of suggested books
  7. Short essays of theoretical nature and summaries of diaries relating to personal experiences during the 40-day practice of Shakti Dance.


** Trainees may miss up to 4 full Training Days to be admitted to the practical exam, but they will have to be recuperated as per the instructions below. Certificates will not be issued until all modules have been correctly recuperated – even if the exam has been passed.


***The Final Examination Consists of Practical Exam:

  1. Leading all or part of a Shakti Dance class
  2. Presenting a specified Shakti Dance Mantric Choreography
  3. Developing, presenting and leading a Celestial Communication
  4. Demonstrate answers to oral questions 

  5. Trainees may also be given follow up tasks after the exam to be completed before qualification and
  6. A Written Exam – Answering a written exam at home by email.


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